General Information

GNU's Not Unix!
OSF Home Page
Wallnut Creek CDROM Web Site
Infomagic Main Index Page
Pacific HiTech Home Page
Pacific HiTech JAPAN Homepage
SunSITE Home Page (東京理科大学)
Pentium Compiler Group / Mirror at Goof.COM. / Mirror at NightFight.COM
The GNU-Win32 Project Page (Cygnus)
The CINT C/C++ Interpreter
I love Emacs! (MORIOKA Tomohiko)
GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual - Table of Contents
Canna Home Page
GRUB -- GRand Unified Bootloader
The comp.fonts Home Page
Internet Font Browser
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
Sample Configuration for Using Japanese with PC

Software Archives

ソフトウェアナビゲーター (Impress)
Freeware Shareware Corner (ECN)
ISOFT - Home of Japanese software
IIJ Home Page
JAIST FTP Server Directoty of /
Software Archives at
IIJ: Archie Gateway / Archie Request form (Kyoto Univ.)


Unix Resources (Univ. of Texas)
UNIX FAQ LIST ( HTML version )
OSU/CIS Web Services
Unix Guru Universe
CSUWEB: RTFM, Web Style (manuals)
FAQ of fj.sys.sun (Sun Workstaion に関する FAQ)
SunSoft Home Page
GNU OpenStep Home Page in Japan
GNU Hurd information
Hurd の quick-install について
Midnight Commander - Frontpage
Home Page of SKK
The Z Shell


Index to BSD UNIX information (in Japanese) (BSD UNIX 情報索引)
BSD LOVERS(J) (Toshihiro Kanda)
*BSD Information on Minnie
Free Operating System Information Page (Wataru Ishida)
The NetBSD Project
NetBSD 日本語環境整備計画プロジェクト
OpenBSD/NetBSD 日本語環境補完計画
Lites Home Page / Lites Memo
History of BSD T-shirts
Berkeley Software Design,Inc: Home Page (BSDI)
Berkeley Software Design,Inc (Macnica)
BSD/OS: Introduction (数理システム)
BSD/OS の Page (Foretune)


FreeBSD Inc.
The FreeBSD Project (Japan)
FTP site:
FreeBSD Documents Translation Into Japanese
Easy Way to Setup FreeBSD (猿でもわかるFreeBSD)
FreeBSD Search (
FreeBSD Search (Yuki)
FreeBSD user ML 関連 (Akihiro Iijama)
Directory of /pub/tmp/aki/FreeBSD (od-driver, jpman, etc)
Links related FreeBSD etc (Ryo2)
FreeBSD アプリケーション活用テクニック (Junichi)
Technical note (Kensaku Masuda, UUCP, PPP)
On Demand Dialup IP (iij-ppp) (norop)
How to setup iij-ppp on FreeBSD
PAO: FreeBSD Mobile Computing Package
BSD-nomads Mailing List (BSD on mobile machine)
Tatsumi Hosokawa (FreeBSD 2.0.5R CDROM cover art)
FreeBSD Handbook
FreeBSD-2.0R install memo


Welcome to the Linux Home Page
Welcome to JLUG Home Page (日本 Linux ユーザー会)
Linux Documentation Project / Mirror at Kyoto Univ.
The Linux JF Homepages in Japanese (JFの部屋)
Linux HOWTO & FAQ in Japanese (from JF Project) (米田さん御殿)
Linux Square (in Japanese) (KOYAMA Hiroshi)
We Love Linux! (Daisuke SUZUKI)
Takashi's linux Page (Manabe Takashi)
Linux -the free frontier - (Akira Yoshiyama)
Linux な部屋 (Henmi)
Chie Nakatani Home Page
John's Linux Page (Jon Gotts)
The Web Wanderer's List of Linux and Unix Resources
The Web Wanderer's List of Linux Applications
Linux and X-Windows on Notebook Computers
The Linux Midi + Sound Main Page
Linux on the Web - Other Linux Resources
プレイ・パーソナル Linux (Unix User)
Linux version 2.x
more Linux links


X Consortium Welcome document
XFree86(TM): Home Page
XFree86 の文書一覧
XF86Config の Modeline の代書屋
小杉のホームページ (Xconfigデータ集)
X Inside Inc. (Accelerated-X)
Motif Information
SWiM Home Page
The Official FVWM Homepage
About Fvwm (Makoto Matsushita)
The FVWM-95 Home Page
GWM: The X11 Generic Window Manager
The XAnim Home Page
xpdf: a PDF viewer for X


Microsift Windows Family
Microsoft Windows 95
Microsoft Windows NT Workstation
Microsoft Windows NT Server
Microsoft Windows CE
窓の社 - Windows Forest
まどや九拾五 (Windows95 Link) (Etsuko Ono)
Windows95 の世界 (Hideaki Tsuboshima)
Bary95- Windows 95 Software. Support & Silliness
The WinSite(tm) Archive
CSUSM Windows World
Search WINWORLD for a string.
Browse CICA Archives
Stroud's CWSApps List - Front Page
Microsoft FTP Directory
IIJ FTP Windows Directory
THS ホーム ページ(孔明)
NJSTAR Software Co.
Word Place -- free Yeah Write word processor


IBM OS/2 Warp 4
OS/2 Warp 4 日本語版
Hobbes Virtual Mirror - Hobbes OS/2 Archive
LEO - OS/2 Archive
IBM: pcweb Japan : File library
Stardock Systems!
OS/2 PAGE (Kanashima Takeshi)
Okuyama Lab. Directory of /pub/os2
LHA for OS/2 Official Support HomePage
The Web Wanderer's List od OS/2 Resources
TeamOS/2 Online
Team OS/2 Japan Home Page (Mostly English)
Team OS/2 Japan Home Page (Masaya Fujii)
OS/2 "Must-Have" Utilities and FTP Links
XFree86/OS2 Project
The Warp Pharmacy
Paul's Place - The OS/2 Office
sukisuki-os2 HomePage
The Rexx Language
SIO Support WWW Server


Microsoft Corporation; Welcome to Microsoft
Microsoft Corporation Home Page; Welcome to Microsoft Japan
Novell World Wide Corporate Homa Page
Welcome to NeXT Software Inc.
Welcome To Be, Inc
Adobe Systems Incorporated Home Page

Special Topics


Ardi Home Page (Executor: a Mac emulator on PC)
Welcome to the Unofficial ARDI pages!
Execuotor --- PC/AT 互換機で動く Macintosh エミュレータ
(Hideaki Tsuboshima)
Andou's Famicom House Home Page


The Myst Hint Guide
MYSTIQUE-The MYST Fan Club Home Page
The Official DESCENT Page
Descent WWW Information
NetHack PAGE (Shin-ya Kauchi)
The JNetHack Home Page (Koichi Matsuda)
四川省 for Winのページ
#Tetrisnet Home Page

Electronic Publishing

Adobe Acrobat

Internet Navigater ( World / Japan )
Mitsuo's Links

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